Once again it will come down to the timing. The timing of Mother Nature's schedule versus our schedule for fun and frivolity for Mardi Gras. In other words, we're attempting to ascertain the probability of tonight's Lundi Gras Parades being interrupted or may be pushed back because of inclement weather.

Tonight's parades in Lafayette are set to roll around 6 pm. If I am understanding the latest forecast models that will be about the time the heavier showers or thunderstorms we're expecting in the area should be moving out.  That's great for parade-goers but not so great if you're going to attempt to set up your throws and beads and whatnots on the float beforehand.

Based on the latest model runs, explained beautifully by Eric Zernich at KATC, it does appear as if Acadiana's heaviest weather will likely pass through between 1 pm and 5 pm. It also appears as if model guidance is suggesting that the heavier storms will pass to the north of Lafayette and the I-10 corridor.

Behind the front temperatures will not plummet. They will be a little cooler and the breeze will pick up a bit from the north as well. By Tuesday the rain should have moved well out of the area and there will be a mix of clouds and sun throughout the day.

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