The Lafayette Police Department is celebrating the career of a longtime officer who's retiring.

Major Luraine Richard is leaving the force after 36 years on duty. According to the department's Facebook page, Richard became an officer on January 9, 1985. She worked her way up the ranks, becoming the first first woman to be a supervisor in the department. She continued to move up the ranks and is the first woman to retire with the rank of Major.

According to an Advocate profile from 2015, Richard served as a patrol officer, as a training officer, and as an investigator before becoming a sergeant in the juvenile section. She later advanced to the rank of lieutenant, eventually becoming an administrative lieutenant for Precinct 1. Richard later became the precinct's captain, making her one of the department's four precinct commanders.

As a major, Richard was one of three officers to hold the most senior rank below chief.

The Opelousas native has three daughters, a son, and three grandchildren. She says she plans to spend more time with them in retirement.

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