Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Some of us Lafayette folks remember when the restaurant fundraiser for St. Joseph Diner began years ago. It was called, at the time, Dimes for the Diner. Breakfast and lunch are served seven days a week, free of charge to anyone who is hungry. St. Joseph Diner also provides dinner to the people who participate in their sheltering programs.

Each year, more Lafayette restaurants sign on for the event and donate 10% of the proceeds from Dine for the Diner day to St. Joseph Diner. This year, 32 eateries have raised a hand to help. You can, too!

All you have to do is pick one (or more) and go eat.

Dine for the Diner
Courtesy Catholic Charities of Acadiana

St. Joseph Diner is one of several services that Catholic Charities of Acadiana provides. From helping the homeless find shelter to providing access to healthcare for people who need medical services, each of these pillars points directly back to their mission:

We care for the sacred gift of all human life, especially the most vulnerable.

Though they are a faith-based organization, they serve all people regardless of religious affiliation or belief.

You're encouraged to help them fill a basic human need by enjoying a wonderful meal at any of the following restaurants on Thursday, May 16, 2024.

  1. Antoni’s Italian Cafe

  2. BJ’s Pizza House

  3. BJ’s PoBoys and Plate Lunches

  4. Black Cafe

  5. Blanchard’s BBQ

  6. Central Pizza & Bar

  7. Charley G’s

  8. Chris’ Poboys - Robley Drive / Ambassador Caffery

  9. Chris’ Poboys - Pinhook Road

  10. Dean-O’s Pizza

  11. Dean-O’s Pizza South

  12. Fat Pat’s - Carencro

  13. Fat Pat’s - Verot School Road

  14. Fat Pat’s - Westmark

  15. Fezzo’s Seafood Steakhouse and Oyster Bar - I-10 Service Road

  16. Fezzo’s Seafood Steakhouse and Oyster Bar - Ambassador Caffery

  17. Fezzo’s Seafood Steakhouse and Oyster Bar - Crowley location

  18. Hub City Diner

  19. iMonelli

  20. Johnson’s Boucaniere

  21. LaPizzeria Lafayette

  22. Louisiana Crawfish Time - Verot School Road

  23. Marcellos - Kaliste Saloom Road

  24. Mercy Kitchen

  25. Mo’Crawfish N Mowata

  26. Olde Tyme Grocery

  27. Priya’s Indian Food

  28. Reve Coffee Lab - River Ranch

  29. Reve Coffee Roasters - Jefferson Street

  30. Sandra’s Cafe & Health Food Store

  31. Social Southern Table & Bar

  32. Viva La Waffle

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