During an incident that happened at 2395 Jacquelyn Drive in Abbeville yesterday, deputies with the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office say a man stabbed himself and his mother.

Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office Spokesman Drew David says that when deputies got to the door of the home yesterday, they found 34-year-old Robert Curtis Hargrave Jr. stabbing himself in the chest.

As officers wanted to investigate what else might be going on inside of the home, they talked to Hargrave.

After further investigation, the officers who responded to this incident, say they also found that Hargrave's mother had been stabbed.

Both of the injured parties were taken to an area hospital.

David says that Hargrave is facing the following charges once he is released from the hospital:

  • False Imprisonment With a Dangerous Weapon
  • Second Degree Battery
  • Aggravated Second Degree Battery
  • Two counts of Domestic Abuse Aggravated Assault

Spokesman David says that because agents with the Narcotics Task Force happened to be in that area, they ended up responding to the call.

When the call came into 911, the caller stated the Hargrave might want to hurt his parents, and so officers responded.

The deputies were greeted at the door by Hargrave who had blood on his clothing, and he was harming himself.

After they told him to drop the knife, Hargrave complied, and that's when deputies started to attend to his wounds while they were waiting for Acadian Ambulance and paramedics to arrive at the scene.

According to Spokesman David the call about this situation came into authorities Tuesday afternoon.

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