If you're like me, and you adore the Christmas season, one of the fun things is being about to buy gifts for your family and friends. The season is stressful enough without having to replace your gifts because thieves decided to target your house to steal packages. Don't become a victim.

Whether you are ordering online from a local retailer or a national retailer, most companies that are shipping your goods have a way for you to track your package. Make sure you make a note of what service will be delivering your goods to your home. Take advantage of the tracking services to see how your packages are progressing through the delivery process. When you know the package is going to be delivered, even if you can't be home, you can have someone there to make sure it's picked up from your door.

Another great feature of shopping online is that often the retailer will let you order your items, and you can have them hold the packages for you at the store. It's not as convenient as having the goods shipped straight to you, but at least you know the items will be safe at the store. You can then take your time in picking them up. If you don't have time or patience to take a trip to the retailer, you can always ask that your packages only be delivered after someone has signed for them. Plenty of people also take advantage of their office space. Have your packages delivered to your office, so you can be there to receive them.

There are several tips from the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office to keep in mind during the Christmas season:

Tips On Safety During the Christmas Season

Things about Christmas That We All Love

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