The City of Mandeville had its world rocked after a traffic stop turned deadly leaving one officer injured and the other succumbing to his injuries.

The fallen officer has since been identified as Mandeville Police Captain Vincent Liberto Jr.

A few hours after the tragic event, the Mandeville High School Band honored the fallen officer during their football game against Hannan High School in the best way they knew how.

Check it out:

This video posted by Beth Dyer Saacks shows the Mandeville High School Band filling the stadium with the sounds of "Amazing Grace."

Comments on Facebook deem the performance as a beautiful tribute for a true hero.

Sue Tully writes:

"Such a beautiful tribute to an awesome husband, father, son, grandfather, officer, and friend!"
Julie Herrington Hebert says:
"I have three wow moments watching this:
1-Wow to the support of a fallen officer who was also a military hero.
2-Wow to the band director who led those amazing students in a complete rendition of Amazing Grace Just moments before the game.
3-Wow, Wow, Wow to a secular public school and its members for acknowledging & respecting the Judeo Christian values of our country and playing a Christian song of reverence before a secular public football game!"
Another comment from Danette Trahan says:
"Made me cry. Lived there 5 years and it’s such a wonderful place to live. Sorry for the trooper who lost his life."
Mandeville Police Captain Vincent Liberto Jr. was a decorated Marine Veteran. He leaves behind his wife and 7 children.
You can read more about his life and legacy here.

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