We all love a good trip to Target. You can get nice clothes at a good price, maybe make some groceries, pick up a mocha at Starbucks, and soon you can get your nails done by a robot.

The front door, shut it!

No, seriously, at a few select Target stores across the country, you can now get a manicure from a nail-painting robot called Clockwork. Videos of it in action have been all the rage on Tiktok lately.

Clockwork is a company that "designs robots that liberate people from everyday mundane tasks."

One of these tasks is the "Minicure," which uses both AI and 3D technology to give a meticulous, mess-free application of nail polish in just 10 minutes.

Your first service will only set you back $8, and $10 after. Simply book online and show up with bare nails for your appointment.

There is a catch. As mentioned earlier in this story, the "Minicure" is only available in six Target locations right now, including one in Minnesota (Target's home base), two in California, and three in Texas.

So, if you don't live near one of the existing locations, it may be a while before these robots are rolled out across the country.

"This is a small test-and-learn initiative at several Target stores," a Target spokesperson said.

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