Usually when I post something under this opinion section, I write about things that are much more difficult issues.  I usually write about stories dealing with children, or responses to current events that I think are just crazy, but today it's time to talk about something that I am a fan of......the McRib.

I thought it might fun to talk about the McRib sandwich that McDonald's make.  If you listen to "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" then you know that Ken and I both love this sandwich.  You probably also know how much I like the fries.  So, you probably aren't surprised by this opinion piece, but if you don't listen, or you haven't heard us talking about it, Ken and I wait all year until it is "McRib season".

McRib is only available at certain times of the year, and so I waited, and today was the day!  It's been back on the menu for a couple of weeks now, but today was the first chance "this season" that I had the chance to partake of the tasty, saucy treat.

In short, the McRib is a pork sandwich with delicious barbeque saucy.  It has lots of fresh onions and pickles.  It's a perfect sandwich, and when you combine it with those heavenly fries, all is right with your gastronomical world!

I think part of the reason it's such a tasty sandwich is because you can't get it all the time.  "Absence make the heart grow fonder" right?  Of course!  And who doesn't love a barbeque pork sandwich.  I am a devoted fan, and I hope if you haven't tried it yet, that you drive yourself over there and partake of the tastiness soon.

There is even a McRib club! Who knew?  I guess I should have known! They started making this sandwich in the early 80's, and then it just started being available once a year, or sometimes, more than once.

I am hoping that someone at McDonald's of Acadiana will see this post, and want to share!  It would be great if we could give out some coupons so that you can enjoy the McRib too!

The funny end to this opinion piece is that, try as a might, I couldn't finish the whole thing today!  I have been working on cutting back on calories, so I couldn't finish it today, but hey, there is always midnight!

Check it out, and then you can give me your review, by sending me an email.

Happy eating, and remember it only comes, like Christmas, once a year!