You never know what kind of interviews you might end up doing when you work for a talk station, but getting to talk to Allyson Glynn Schram was definitely one I will remember.

Schram joined Rob and I today on "Acadiana's Morning News" to talk about being a medium.

You wouldn't think this, but Schram is a born-again Christian who says she believes her gift comes from the Lord. She says when she works, she asks for the Holy Spirit to surround her.

Her gift is one that you have to choose to believe. A medium is someone who gets information from our loved ones who have passed on.

While I can't say what Schram's ability is for sure, I do know someone who does "know" things that have come to happen.

Schram spent some time with Rob and I this morning talking about one of our prior conversations about flooding. She reminded him about the discussion back in February when she said there would be flooding this year, and she suggested that the state will experience flooding from the developments in the Gulf.

When the conversation turned to me, there were several things that Allyson spoke of that I know she couldn't have known. I found the discussion fascinating. Others obviously did too, as the phone lines lit up with people wanted to talk to her. While many of the things that are mentioned will not make sense to you, they definitely relate intimately to my life; that's why I found our conversation with her so interesting. I certainly also got a huge kick out of one of the things she referenced, because it's a joke only between myself and three other people, but how did she know about that? I don't know, but she sure is fascinating. You can hear the interview below.



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