LAFAYETTE, La. -- Nothing of significance was discovered Wednesday night when Lafayette Police unexpectedly searched for a second time the area of the Whiskey Bay where Mickey Shunick's bike was found Sunday.

Police sent their Mobile Command Unit back to the Whiskey Bay area late Wednesday night to search for what they thought was potential new evidence in the case to find Shunick, according to Lafayette Police Cpl. Paul Mouton.

Initially, police had said something had been found in the waters, but an official media release early Thursday morning seemed to backtrack that statement.

Mouton said images recorded on sonar equipment caught the operator's interest, sparking a late-night search that included divers from the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office.

Police had searched the Whiskey Bay area Sunday after finding Shunick's bicycle beneath the Interstate 10 overpass. That search ended Monday, though, because police felt confident there was no more potential evidence to be found in that area.

Shunick's bike has been sent to the State Police Crime Lab where it will be examined by forensics experts.

Police are also still searching for the driver and/or occupants of a white Chevrolet Z71 which was captured on surveillance camera in the area Shunick was last seen the morning she disappeared.

If you have any information regarding the Shunick case that could be of use to police, you're urged to call the Lafayette Police Department tips line at (337) 291-8633.