Sometimes the timing between man and Mother Nature just isn't right. Almost all summer long the beaches at some of the Mississippi Gulf Coast's most popular places to bathe have been closed. The reason for that closure was the report of harmful algae blooms in the water that could pose a health risk for swimmers.

This Friday those precautionary measures were lifted at all 21 beaches along Mississippi's waterfront after testing had determined the algae threat had finally dissipated.

What makes the timing of this so awkward is that just as bathers have been given the all-clear to get back in the water, a cold front is expected to push through the area and drop temperatures. That will give swimmers another reason to not go into the water.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality announced the re-opening of the state's beaches on Friday. Those beaches had been closed to swimmers since August the 6th. This re-opening includes the beaches located in Pass Christian Harbor, Long Beach Harbor and Bay St. Louis Harbor.

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