It's summer in Louisiana, and a lot of us are looking for a chance to head to the beach for some sun, sand, and surf. The last piece of your packing puzzle: What swimsuit to wear?

For a lot of people, the perfect swimsuit choice requires not just making sure your bits and pieces are properly covered, but how much exposure you want to the sun.

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Naturally, some women (and men?) have to stop and consider whether or not they can minimize their tan lines, and one of the most popular (though sometimes scandalous) means of doing so is the thong swimsuit.

The website No Fashion Police had a blog post a couple of years ago about which states/cities/municipalities/jurisdictions allow for thongs to be worn and which ones will get you a slap on the wrist. Here's what you need to know.

Are They Legal in Public in Louisiana?

According to the site (which referenced Louisiana law), it is legal to wear thong swimsuits in public in the state, so if you're going to one of our wonderful local beaches, you can get cheeky with your attire.

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Now, some municipalities may have rules about it - the state may not have anything on the books against it, but that doesn't stop local governments from passing their own rules.

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What About Our Favorite Beach Spots Elsewhere?

Here's what the site said about other Louisiana favorites.

Most of the time, we like to travel to Alabama, and sometimes Mississippi. For the most part, it's legal throughout those states. The only known exception to that is Lafayette Country, Mississippi, where it's illegal.


Florida, however, is more complex. Here's what they have about the Sunshine State:

FLORIDA: LEGAL (Source) Florida is generally a very thong-friendly state, though there are a handful of places that ban them.
– Florida State Parks: ILLEGAL. FSP rules prohibit the wearing of thongs in state parks. (Source) [DOC]  Rule is usually only enforced if someone complains, however.
– Alachua County: LEGAL, including city of Gainesville
– Bay County: LEGAL, including in the cities of Panama City and Panama City Beach (though many people of both sexes complain about being harassed when wearing thongs here).
– Brevard County: ILLEGAL (County Ordinance 74-26 through 74-30). This ordinance also applies to municipalities within the county (including Melbourne), though some municipalities have opted out of the ordinance, however.
– Broward County: LEGAL, with exception of a couple of municipalities (See herein)
– Cocoa: LEGAL
– Cocoa Beach: LEGAL (Source is the city code of ordinances. The ordinance regulating nudity only applies to adult entertainment establishments.). Cocoa Beach opted out of the Brevard County ordinance in 2012.
– Collier County/Naples: LEGAL
– Columbia County: ILLEGAL
– Daytona Beach: Thongs are ILLEGAL inside the city limits of Daytona Beach (and the police absolutely LOVE enforcing this silly law). However, the beaches themselves are under the jurisdiction of Volusia County, not the city. Thongs are legal in Volusia County, so you may wear thong suits on the beaches in Daytona Beach. Thongs are also legal in Daytona Beach Shores, which is a separate municipality from Daytona Beach.
– Deerfield Beach (Broward County): ILLEGAL
– Destin:  LEGAL
– DisneyWorld: Thongs are not permitted. (Source) Up until recently, it wasn’t uncommon to see thong suits at the WDW water parks, but it appears that, technically, at least, they are no longer permitted.
– Dixie County: ILLEGAL
– Duval County: LEGAL, including in the cities of Jacksonville & Neptune Beach
– Escambia County: LEGAL, except for the city of Pensacola where they are ILLEGAL (Beaches along Highway 98 are in the county and it is legal to wear a thong suit there)
– Everglades National Park: LEGAL
– Flagler County: LEGAL, except for Flagler Beach, where they are ILLEGAL
– Fort Lauderdale/Broward County: LEGAL. Toplessness is technically illegal in Fort Lauderdale, though it is not often enforced unless someone complains. Broward County has no ordinance against toplessness, but other municipalities might.
– Franklin County: LEGAL
– Gadsden County: ILLEGAL
– Gilchrist County: ILLEGAL
– Glades County: LEGAL
– Hallandale Beach (Broward County): ILLEGAL
– Hardee County: LEGAL
– Hendry County: LEGAL
– Hernando County: ILLEGAL
– Highlands County: LEGAL
– Hillsborough County: ILLEGAL, though they are legal in the city of Tampa.
– Indian River County: LEGAL, including in the city of Vero Beach
– Jackson County: LEGAL
– Jefferson County: LEGAL
– Keys: LEGAL, except for Key West, where it is ILLEGAL (I know, I WTF’ed at that one as well).
– Lake County: ILLEGAL
– Lee County: LEGAL Includes cities of Fort Myer, Fort Myers Beach, Pine Island, Sanibel Island.
– Leon County/Tallahassee: ILLEGAL
– Levy County: LEGAL
– Manatee County: ILLEGAL. Thongs are illegal on county beaches and in some of the municipalities. Bradenton, Bradenton Beach, and Anna Maria do allow thongs on the beach.
– Marion County: LEGAL, including the city of Ocala
– Martin County: LEGAL, including Jupiter Beach
– Miami/Dade County: LEGAL. In fact, in some places, you may feel overdressed if you’re not in a thong, especially along South Beach. Toplessness is legal on Miami/Dade County Beaches as well, though many of the municipalities that have jurisdiction on some of those beaches outlaw it. Haulover Beach, operated by Miami/Dade County, is a government-sanctioned clothing optional beach.
– Monroe County: LEGAL
– Nassau County: LEGAL countywide, except for the Town of Callahan, where they are ILLEGAL (Source) [PDF]
– Okaloosa County: LEGAL, including Fort Walton Beach
– Okeechobee County: LEGAL
– Orange County: LEGAL, including the city of Orlando
– Ormond Beach/Flagler County: LEGAL countywide
– Osceola County: LEGAL, except for the city of Kissimmee.
– Palm Beach County: LEGAL, except for roadside stand vendors
– Pasco County: LEGAL
– Pinellas County: LEGAL, including St. Petersburg. ILLEGAL in the city of Clearwater (Source: City Ordinance 21.13)
– Polk County: ILLEGAL
– Pompano Beach (Broward County): ILLEGAL
– Putnam County: LEGAL
– Santa Rosa County: LEGAL
– Sarasota/Sarasota County: LEGAL, except possibly in the city of Venice
– Seminole County: LEGAL, including in Altamonte Springs, Sanford, & Winter Springs
– St. Johns County: ILLEGAL (Source) [PDF], including the city of St. Augustine (Section 15-4). In St. Augustine Beach, however, thongs are LEGAL (Source) [PDF]
– St. Lucie County: LEGAL, including city of Fort Pierce
– Sumter County: ILLEGAL
– Suwannee County: ILLEGAL
– Volusia County: LEGAL, except for the city of Daytona Beach (see above) and Ormond Beach. The beach at Daytona Beach is under county jurisdiction, so thongs are legal on the beach there. They’re also legal in New Smyrna Beach and at Canaveral National Seashore.

So, are you a "Sun's Out, Buns Out" person? If so, you might be in luck.

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