New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced that he would not be seeking the United States Senate seat of David Vitter in the next election. Many had speculated that Landrieu, whose sister Mary served in the U.S. Senate for many years might have that political ambition as well.

Landrieu who is in his second term as Mayor of New Orleans told the media that he felt his work in the Crescent City was not done. Therefore a run for national office would not be in his plans at this time.  That announcement instantly opened the door for speculation as to who might toss their  hat into the ring from the Democratic Party.

Jeremy Alford of told the Louisiana Radio Network that the Democrats will most likely be looking to run a candidate with a similar political profile as recently elected Governor John Bel Edwards. Alford suggests that former Congressman and U.S. Attorney Don Cazayoux might be that candidate.

He fits that John Bel Edwards mold, where he's a rural politician, pro-life, pro-gun.

Alford says that not only are Louisiana Democrats looking for a Bel Edwardsesque candidate the national party has taken notice of the recent Governors race.

National democrats are looking for the next John Bel Edwards, but I think what they really need is the next David Vitter to face them in a runoff in 2016.

In other words Alford seems to believe that the Republican foothold in the Senate will not be taken away easily. He seems to suggest that for a Democrat to win the Senate seat the Republican challenger will have to "help".

As far as Republican contenders for David Vitter's seat go Congressman Charles Boustany has already announced his intentions to run as has Congressman John Fleming.  John Kennedy and Scott Angelle are also considering their options in making a run for the Senate as well.


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