A University of New Orleans poll on the upcoming Louisiana Senate race does not show there is much support for candidate David Duke. Duke a former state representative, candidate for Governor, and Ku Klux Klan leader was shown to have an 82% disapproval rating in the recent poll.

The pollsters surveyed 600 likely voters and discovered that there appears to be a wholesale rejection of Duke as a viable candidate for the United States Senate seat that is being vacated by retiring Senator David Vitter.

Whether you’re male, female, Republican, Democrat, black, white, college educated, not college educated, at least 80% have given him an unfavorable rating.

That synopsis of the poll results was given to the Louisiana Radio Network by pollster Ed Chervenak. The results of the poll did show that through out much of the state Duke was not looked upon favorably as a candidate. His strongest support seemed to come from one particular geographic region. The 5th Congressional District in the northeastern part of the state.

He maybe picks up about 25% of the vote, but even there people say they’re three to one against him in the senate primary.

Younger voters appeared to have shown the most support for Duke.

They were a bit more favorable in their attitudes towards David Duke, but still overwhelmingly they held a negative attitude towards him.

Overall only 13% of respondents said they would vote for Duke in the upcoming November election.


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