Maybe there were actually a few folks who weren't kidding when they said, "If Donald Trump is elected President then I am moving to Canada". Last night as it appeared that Mr. Trump would indeed be elected to the nation's highest office the immigration website for the Government of Canada crashed.

The Ministers for Citizenship and Immigration were not available for comment but Google did report a major surge in searches for "move to Canada" just moments after Trump was declared the winner in the battleground states of Florida and Ohio.

This might sound as if it's a  joke. It's  not. In fact when reporters made mention of this news on last night's election coverage that had to preface the story by saying this was indeed real news.

For the most part, Canadian's on Twitter have been very kind and welcoming in their remarks for disenchanted Americans. In February, the island of Cape Breton on Canada’s Atlantic coast marketed itself as a tranquil refuge for Americans seeking to escape should Trump capture the White House.


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