This Saturday we teamed up with bars from Downtown Lafayette and Benny's Sportshack to collect items for those affected by Hurricane Laura.

The generosity shown by Lafayette was amazing, but the story we're about to share with you about one mom and her son left us speechless.

A woman and her son saw the devastation left behind by Hurricane Laura in Southwest Lousiana and they knew that they had to do something, so they decided to drive from Florida to South Louisiana.

Yes, this mom and her son spent over $300 on necessities and drove to South Louisiana to donate water, baby items, food, and more.

Their initial plan was to drive as far west as they could until they saw someone who needed help. Well, like some, they too got stuck in traffic on I-10 West and they had HOT 107.9 on in their car.

While in traffic, they heard us announce On-Air that we were collecting goods in Lafayette and that's when they put our location into an app and found us.

Sure, you may see a lot of ugly things out there these days, but this is who we truly are. We all have it in us to help others and that is what this mom and son did.

I asked the mom, why did you decide to drive over five hours to help someone? She said, "I hope that someone would do likewise for me and I wanted my son to experience this."

We thank ALL of you that have been part of the efforts to re-build South Louisiana and we want our friends and neighbors to the west of us to know that we are not done! We are coming.

The items collected this weekend in Lafayette are already on their way to parts of Southwest Louisiana.


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