A mother and her baby were able to escape a fire in their home that happened at around noon yesterday.

When fire fighters got to the scene they began to battle the blaze at 113 Bridgeway that was in a bathroom of a home and that had spread to the second floor of this woman's home.

She was standing outside with her baby when officials responded to the scene, and the cause of this fire is still being investigated.

The woman told the people who showed up to battle the blaze that she thought the fire had started in one of her closets.

When the smoke alarm went off, she was in her living room, and when she went to investigate she saw there was smoke in the closet of a bedroom.

She called authorities, and she got out of the home.

Lafayette Fire Department Spokesman Alton Trahan says that the home was severely damaged by the fire and the resulting smoke.

He says it took about a half an hour to get the flames under control.