As most moms can probably agree: anything to make our life a little easier is OK with us. We are always on the lookout for things that take up less time so we can spend those important moments with the ones we love, our family and friends. And one North Carolina mother just made our lives a whole lot easier today with her amazing hack on, of all things, ketchup packets. And moms (and dads) across America are cheering, for sure.

Erica Kuiper has told FOX News about her mess free dipping pack for ketchup, and I can't believe nobody figured this one out before. Kuiper is on TikTok as Cookiteria, and her video on how to dip french fries into a ketchup packet without making a mess has gone viral. She said that in high school she and a friend dreamed up the mess free hack when "We stopped at McDonald’s and she was dipping her fry in through the top [of the packet]. We said, What if you opened it from the side? You could get a lot more ketchup."

Kuiper tells FOX News that all you have to do is "Run your fingers down the the side to push the ketchup to the bottom of the packet. Take the tear, pull it down the side and it opens right up." Then, when it is held horizontally, can be used as a "dipping station" for those tasty french fries. When Kuiper posted the video hack to TikTok earlier this summer it got over four million views. That's a lot of happy french fry eaters, y'all. Who's going to try it tonight?



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