Do you want to build a Snow-woman? Disney says YES!

In recent years, Disney has released several female-friendly movies. Instant classic Frozen (2012) relied on the bond of sisterhood to break a curse rather than the traditional true love's kiss between a prince and a princess.

Or, take a look at Moana (2016) which depicted a young Polynesian girl's journey of self-discovery and her daring adventure to save her people.

With the release of these movies, Disney Studios has taken the next step to ensure gender equality.

This time, in the workplace.

According to a Twitter post by Disney CEO, Bob Iger, Disney Studios has committed at least 40 percent of its upcoming movie projects to female directors.

The feminist-friendly decision came after a Sundance Festival directive dubbed the 4-percent-challenge which encouraged movie studios to hire more female directors.

...Enough to have at least 4 percent of women direct their movies.

The running lineup for female-directed movies includes:

  • Frozen 2
  • Captain Marvel
  • Live-Action Mulan
  • Black Widow
  • Stargirl

While this has been seen with much praise from some:

Others say that Disney should stay out of social issues:

Regardless of opinion, other studios have begun to follow Disney's lead with both Blumhouse Pictures and Sony recruiting more female directors.

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