Vacation once held the luxury of being offline, but more workers are admitting they cannot stop checking into the office. A recent study by staffing firm Accountemps reports that 56-percent of workers check in with the office. Spokesperson Carrie Lewis says this is an increasing trend.

“The majority of workers are checking in the office even when they are on vacation. The numbers are up from last year and up from 2016.”

There is a generational gap that governs whether you will follow this trend. Lewis says that millennials are more prone to being tethered to their phones. 70-percent of respondents ages 18-34 will keep in touch with work, while only 39-percent of 55 and older respondents staying plugged in.

“Age 55 and older, they hardly ever check in. The millennials, however, who have been raised having a constant connection, they are checking their social media, so why wouldn’t they check their work email. It’s just a habit.”

Vacations are vital for successful employees, but disconnecting can be more stressful. There are different recipes for everyone, so Lewis advises we set our own limits.

“Focus on what is the best strategy for you when are unplugging from your time away. If it makes a vacation more stressful for you not to know what’s going on, set limits.”

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