Welcome to the best governed state in America. Welcome to the state where our state government is serving us so well we feel no real need to change anything that is going on in Baton Rouge. If you believe actions speak louder than words then those words you've just read must be true. 

Can you believe as screwed up as the state of Louisiana is half the seats that are up for grabs in the state House of Representatives and over half the seats in the Senate are already decided? The individuals in those seats must be doing a hell of a job because they are running unopposed.

53 races in the House have already been decided, that's half of the House and 21 seats in the Senate have been decided, that's 54-percent.

Those are the words of Jeremy Alford of LaPolitics.com. Jeremy spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network and explained that by the time the polls close on Saturday,

An additional 29 districts in the House and 9 districts in the Senate that will be decided on October 24th.

That means that 77% of the state legislature will be in place either without opposition or runoffs. Wow, our government must really be doing a great job. Or, perhaps we the people have just grown so weary of the same old cow manure that we just don't care. I am inclined to believe the latter and the latter is not good for our future.

Politics is a dirty game. Most of us, myself included, don't have the stomach for it and that's a shame. There are probably some great leaders that would make great choices for our state but we'll never get to choose them because nobody but a select few citizens dare to get that dirty.


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