LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) -- As Brandon Scott Lavergne works to get his guilty pleas in the murder cases of University of Louisiana student Mickey Shunick and of Lisa Pate vacated and his sentence overturned, one can only imagine what Mickey's family must be thinking.

Mickey's mother, Nancy Anne Rowe, took to Facebook Wednesday afternoon, and she had very choice words for the process Lavergne has started.

Since people keep asking me what I think about the recent news:
I think a 230 pound man in a custom, extended-cab pickup truck ran down a 100 pound girl on a bicycle. I think he picked her because she was tiny; he thought she would be easy to control while alive and easy to dispose of when dead.
He was wrong on one of these counts; Mickey knew it was a fight to the death, and she fought for her life until Brandon Scott Lavergne shot her through the head. After stabbing her a number of times. Her death certificate says "Primary cause of death: gun shot wound to the head". "Secondary cause of death: multiple stab wounds."
Self-defense? Torture? Pressure? Incompentence?
Poor, poor little man. Life is tough.
Mickey is the only part of this that has ever been important to us. She always will be important to us. Always.

Lavergne was sentenced to live the remainder of his life in the Angola State Penitentiary after pleading guilty in court to the two murders.

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