Public school students will learn more about money and finances in school this year, thanks to a bill by Minden Representative Gene Reynolds. He says students used to be required to learn financial literacy in school, but teachers have gotten away from it in the past few years. He says this new law seeks to change that.

“It’s a mandatory requirement for students to have financial literacy from kindergarten all the way to high school,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds says the law does not establish a class just for financial literacy but allows teachers to incorporate it into their lessons. He says most text books have at least a small part that deals with money.

“They can incorporate some of these points and things within their program without having to have a specific test or specific goals and objectives,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds says managing money is a crucial skill that kids need to have when they graduate and this will prepare them for the real world. He says school shouldn’t just be about passing a test.

“We have gotten away from teaching our skills to our kids and having a well-rounded graduate, and we focus way too much on the test score,” Reynolds said.