More tech jobs are coming to Louisiana with today’s announcement that Austin-based Accruent will open an office in New Orleans. Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson says the tech center is expected to bring in 350 jobs into the Big Easy.

“These are great IT jobs, like code writing. These jobs pay $65,000 roughly so it would be a great multiplier effect.

Accruent is already hiring and they plan to be fully staffed by 2020. Pierson says Accruent’s main focus of the company is digital integration in real estate.

“A number of major companies and facilities need management of that major asset. A lot of it is moving into new digitally managed spheres and so that is sort of their focus, their niche in the market.”

Colleges in the area are partnering with the company in training for these jobs. Pierson says it’s the state’s goal to create a digital media and software development sector.

"A lot of this is going to be driven by new ways that we formulate data and come up with solutions that companies are very interested in having. It makes a lot of sense for Louisiana to be on the forefront of gaining these high paying jobs.”

Accruent is headquartered in Austin, Texas and serves a wide range of industries in more than 150 countries around the world.