A big win for the Big Easy as the city has been awarded the 2024 Super Bowl. For years teams bid against each other, but the NFL changed the bidding process and the Saints were the only team invited to compete for Super Bowl 58. NFL owners unanimously chose New Orleans and Saints Owner Gayle Benson is glad they got it.

“This is so important to New Orleans. This is going to be our 11th Super Bowl, which we’re so excited about. Tom Benson would have been so happy, and I just want to keep his legacy alive”.

New Orleans officials say the last Super Bowl, in 2013, had a 480 million dollar economic impact, and Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation President Jay Cicero confirmed that the city and state had to provide an economic incentive package to seal the deal, but says we’ll easily make that money back.

“Super Bowl is by far the biggest sporting event that moves around the country that is bid upon, and there’s a certain expense that goes along with that”.

Cicero says the NFL changed its bidding process after several years of embarrassing bids for leaders in traditionally successful Super Bowl cities.

“There are cities that are losing against new stadium cities. And that’s a little bit of an embarrassment to the team owners of the losing cities as well as the elected officials”.

The last time New Orleans hosted the Super Bowl, the power went out, leading to a massive comeback effort from the 49ers that almost toppled the eventual champion Baltimore Ravens.

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