An innovation in pet food will help dogs and cats lose weight without eating less.  The technology invented and patented by LSU Pennington Biomedical scientists speeds up the metabolism process of the animals.  One of the inventors, Dr. Frank Greenway, says a restriction of an amino acid in food results in a pet burning more calories and reducing body fat.

“It’s now known that by restricting the methionine to the special range, it can increase the lifespan to the animals and increase their health,” said Greenway.

It is estimated that over 50 million dogs and 56 million cats are overweight or have obesity in the United States.

Greenway says the when the body detects a lack of methionine, the body kicks into high gear.

“Low values of methonine stimulate a hormone called FGF21 and that hormone increases your metabolism,” said Greenway.

The Slim Health pet food is not yet available commercially and Doctor Frank Greenway says there’s nothing like this on the market for humans.

“Unlike humans who like a great deal of variety in their diet, companion animals are very happy to eat the same food everyday,” said Greenway.

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