A law recently signed by Governor Edwards brings new restrictions to rescue shelters on how and when they can pass along animals to research facilities.  Houma Representative says in the event that the animal ends up going to a research facility, the law increase the likeliness of an animal finding a good home.

“It is returned unharmed to the facility for proper placement and every effort will be used to find a suitable home for those animals,” said Zeringue.

Zeringue says among the regulations, shelters must notify those making an animal drop off that they do provide animals for testing.  It also eliminates automatic euthanizing of animals for research that could possibly find a good home.

“They simply will not be put down for the purposes of research and this provides clarity for both for the owners themselves and the shelters,” said Zeringue.

Zeringue says each violation would result in a $1000 fine.  The law goes into effect August 1st.

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