There's now a safe place for residents to meet.

Whether it's two separated or divorced parents meeting to exchange a child or two or more people meeting to handle an item bought online, St. Martin Parish now has a safe place set up for its residents.

It's called the St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office Safe Exchange Zone and it's located in the parking lot at the St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office Public Safety Complex on 4870 North Main Hwy. at the corner of Cypress Island Extension and North Main Hwy.

"Your safety is our utmost priority," says an excited Sheriff Becket Breaux in a press release and video below as he encourages residents to take advantage of this new 24-hour monitored service.

As the sheriff illustrates in the video above, when you arrive to the Safe Exchange, just pull into one of the designated spots that are outlined in green and dial the number on the sign before making your transaction or exchange.
Just recently, a man claimed he had his gun stolen while trying to conduct what he thought was an online transaction in Abbeville. Safe zones like these are meant to keep robberies like this from happening and child exchanges as civil as possible between two separated or divorced parents.

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