The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) has implemented new measures, effective immediately, to enhance safety on the I-10 Atchafalaya Basin Bridge.

Motorists will now notice “your speed” feedback signs, designed to alert drivers when they are traveling too fast. This initiative aims to reduce the number of fatal and injury crashes on the bridge, a notorious site for accidents that can result in lengthy traffic delays.

The speed limit on the bridge has also been standardized to 60 miles per hour for all vehicles, a change from the previous limits of 55 mph for trucks and 60 mph for cars. This adjustment is intended to promote a consistent speed among all vehicles, thereby reducing speed differentials contributing to accidents. Despite this change, trucks will remain restricted to the right lane only.

This update comes after previous plans to install cameras for tracking speed were scrapped. However, safety remains a top priority for the DOTD. The feedback signs and the new speed limit are expected to be crucial in minimizing incidents on the bridge, which has narrow shoulders and little room for error at high speeds.

Louisiana State Police and local law enforcement will continue to enforce these new regulations, issuing citations to violators to ensure compliance and enhance overall safety.

These changes are part of a continued effort to make the I-10 Atchafalaya Basin Bridge a safer passageway for residents and commuters in Lafayette and along the Gulf Coast. As the DOTD rolls out the changes, drivers are encouraged to adhere to the new speed limit and be mindful of the feedback signs to keep our collective travel experience as safe as possible.

See the full DOTD press release here.

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