A nationwide non-profit to help veteran’s in their post military transition to the workplace is coming to New Orleans. NextOp represents veterans by placing them in jobs in industries and companies throughout the region. Louisiana Regional Manager Ben Armstrong says the Crescent City has a high amount of veterans looking for work who needed assistance.

"There was no one in this market assisting veterans or military to try to engage them where they're at to keep their talent in the state, so that's why we're here."
Armstrong says the challenge for veterans is not in obtaining work, but getting the type of jobs they need to support their families. He says they’re not unemployed, just “under employed”.
"They can find a job but often they can't find a career or they're not transitioning easily into meaningful careers."
Following their launch on February 1st, they are looking at expanding statewide. Armstrong says getting in touch with veterans in Louisiana is their top priority.
"The first thing is finding the veteran's where they're at, building some legitimacy with them and showing them we're a good resource.  Also, we're focus on military installations here in New Orleans, Fort Polk and Barksdale up in Shreveport."
They are seeking volunteers to help assist veterans. More information can be found at next-op-vets-dot-org.