One of the NFL's biggest stars, Von Miller, was recently under criminal investigation in Colorado for undisclosed reasons. Now, it is being reported that no criminal charges will be filed on the Denver Bronco.

You can see the full details in a Twitter post from @TomPelissero below.

According to the above post, evidence found in the criminal investigation was not enough to file charges against Vonnie B'VSean Miller. As there was no arrest, citation, or filing involved in this case, we do not have any additional details on what prompted the initial investigation into Miller.

More from @AdamSchefter below.

Speculation will happen and it feels like, in this day and age, it is inevitable that someone will slip up and give details on why this investigation took place. I have not heard any rumors as to what the investigation could have been about, but having one of the NFL's biggest stars being involved in a criminal investigation was enough to make fans curious.

We shall see what the future holds for Von Miller, especially with his current Denver Broncos team as they look to make a deal to keep the pro-bowler around for a little while longer.

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