With so many Americans calling for more and more entitlements it was refreshing to read about Dawn Loggins.  Her drug abusing parents abandoned her and left her homeless.


Loggins did the impossible.  She not only finished her senior year with a 3.9 GPA she applied for admission to various colleges and was admitted to Harvard.  The grade point average and the Harvard admission were not the impossible but being homeless and working two hours before and after school as a custodian was.  In this age when people feel entitled to everything this young woman spent two hours each morning and evening mopping floors and cleaning toilets.  How many youngsters or even adults would face their peers each day with that job description?

Even before her senior year Dawn had to fend for herself and her younger brother due to her parent's drug abuse.  Showering at a restroom in a local park, borrowing candles to read at night, sleeping on the floor or a couch at a friend's home, all of these things were normal for her.

Loggins received a full scholarship to Harvard including tuition, room and board and an on-campus job to help with expenses.

I think this young lady is one of the most amazing Americans and we should hold her up us an example of a "can-do" attitude.  If ever someone should be championed as a role model for all Americans not just young Amercians it is Dawn Loggins.  We can all learn from her life of sacrifice and her willingness to succeed.