Lafayette Police say a 17-year-old high school student from Northside High was arrested yesterday morning on a charge of battery of a school teacher. During the investigation, Charles Benjamin's teacher told the resource officer at Northside High that she had been pushed by him while their was a disturbance in the classroom.

The Lafayette Daily Advertiser reports that Benjamin allegedly rammed the pregnant teacher in the stomach during the classroom altercation. The paper reports that the teacher began experiencing bleeding after the altercation according to a sworn statement by police.

The whole incident apparently started when the teacher was trying to get another student from her classroom out into the hall.  She was trying to avoid a fight. The affidavit states that when she left the room, Benjamin kept trying to open the door.

The teacher told Benjamin to not to open the door and stay inside, but he ignored her, and the two struggled for control of the door. That's when allegedly Benjamin lowered his shoulder and charged into her in an attempt to get out of the classroom.

He told police later that he was trying to confront another student in the hallway.