Millions of Americans may live with a somewhat silent killer, and they may never know that they could have a problem.


Approximately 26-million Americans live with diabetes and nearly 76-million more are at risk of developing type two diabetes. During November, National Diabetes Awareness Month, Beth Mayer-Davis with the American Diabetes Association, wants to make people aware of what the risk factors are for developing diabetes.

Davis says most people understand the relationship between being overweight and/or obese can be, for them,  a thing that will help promote the development of type two diabetes.  Davis adds that there are many health complications that can be associated with having diabetes that can include things like blindess, heart disease and amputation.

Davis says not everyone with diabetes has these problems or feels so badly, so, she adds it's critical to know the risk factors and communicate with a physician. That way patients can get the help they need even if they feel okay.