The headline in yesterday's Washington Post read: "Visit with Pope in Rome will give Obama a chance to spotlight economic inequality." Wow! How enlightening will that visit be?

Why does the president have to visit a Christian leader to spotlight economic inequality?  He and his administration seem to hold Christianity in such low regard, why would he care to meet with Pope Francis? "Optics," of course. Rub elbows with a man who eschews the trappings of his office and station in life to gain a few photo ops.

Those photo ops will play well with people around the world showing how much he cares, what with flying halfway around the world to meet the Pontiff and discuss the plight of the down trodden.

For Martin Luther King Day, I'll have to hand it to him: He did visit and serve in a food line at a D.C. homeless shelter.  That, of course, was to provide more "Optics" for the voters.

This past Saturday night, a lavish 50th birthday party was thrown for Michelle Obama where all "Optics" were not just discouraged but flat-out prohibited. Guests were told to leave cameras and cell phones at home. Those who failed to comply were met with a check-in table where their picture-taking devices were taken from them on entry and returned to them upon departure.

Why such a big deal to get into a party for the First Lady? Even for this president, it must be hard to talk about "income inequality" while you throw a lavish party hob-knobbing with the likes of Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Gladys Knight, Mary J. Blige, Angela Bassett, Samuel L. Jackson, Star Jones, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Jennifer Hudson, Gayle King, Ashley Judd, Vice President Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, Kathleen Sebeilius, and let's not forget Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Can you imagine the fun they must have had while discussing the Affordable Care Act and income inequality? I bet it was a lot more fun because no cameras were there to show us peasants how our employees got to party with the "big dogs" while we have to figure a way to make a living and provide for retirement and our children's education while being chastised about income inequality.

The rich have gotten richer during the Obama administration, the poor have gotten poorer and the middle class has given up more. Yet the president of United States has to fly to Rome to discuss the "problem" with the Pope. Give me a break! Cut government spending, straighten out this healthcare mess, and get people back to work instead of attempting to lengthen unemployment benefits.

It's just my opinion, but I think all White House-related functions should be photographed and televised so we the American taxpayers can see how bad the income inequality gap is.

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