Parents, students, educators, anyone with an opinion on Common Core now has a means to get their comments directly to the eyes and ears of the State Board of Education.  The State Board of Education has opened and made active an online portal to accept comments from the public. The request for comments are part of the review process of the math and English standards as set up by the board.

Lake Charles Representative Brett Geymann was instrumental in setting up the comment period for the public. He told the Louisiana Radio Network,

This is the opportunity for them to get that public comment out there so that the committee that is reviewing and developing the new standards can review those comments and guide them as they move forward with the new development.


After the comment period has closed each comment will be reviewed by a board of 101 educators and other experts that were appointed to review the Common Core curriculum by the BESE Board. This panel of 101 will then make recommendations on changes for the curriculum to the BESE Board.

Obviously the parents are watching closely and educators who have had concerns about Common core and I think there is definitely a good chance that all these comments are going to be taken very seriously as standards are developed moving forward.

Geymann went on to suggest in the story published by the Louisiana Radio Network that a new governor, a new legislature and newly elected members of the BESE board will then have the ultimate say in what changes should or could be made regarding the Common Core curriculum in Louisiana schools.

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