After the deployments in foreign lands are complete, after coming home to Acadiana, many U.S. military veterans are faced with the task of figuring out the rest of their lives.

Leaders of one new local organization, Operation Occupation, are aiming to become the liaison between veterans trying to determine what to make of their futures as civilians and the organizations that can help make them successful.

Nicole Young Lopez, the group's co-founder, said the goal of Operation Occupation is to close the gap between military veterans and employers looking for career-motivated personnel. The program is also aimed at connecting veterans with career training and education outlets.

"Whenever you get out of the military, it is kind of hard to transition into civilian life," Lopez said on Acadiana's Morning News with Rob and Bernie this morning. "It's a little difficult to figure out what you want to do after being told what to do for so long."

Operation Occupation will also serve as a networking hub for local veterans to connect with other veterans, support groups, medical help, etc.

This Saturday (April 16) at The Wurst Biergarten (537 Jefferson Street) Lopez and Operation Occupation organizers are hosting a free event that will introduce the public to this new organization, as well as, connect veterans to local organizations that can help them to find a career or support after their dedicated service to our nation.