Over 40 handguns were reportedly stolen from a shooting range in Youngsville over the weekend.

Youngsville Police Chief Ricky Boudreaux says it’s likely the guns will find their way into criminal hands.

“We know that they are definitely not going to get into the hands of the right kind of people, so that is very concerning. It is going to be in a regional area, not a localized area that these guns are spread out through.

Boudreaux says it’s an ongoing investigation with a few persons of interest, but no arrests have been made so far.

The Chief adds they may see a spike in crime across the Acadiana region as a result.

“I would be willing to bet if we don’t get them off the streets really quick that they will be used in several crimes.”

The business, Sentry Defense, reports that no electronics or money were stolen. Boudreaux says the criminal’s objectives were clear.

“They were going there just for the guns, from the looks of it.”

Boudreaux said he could not comment at this time when asked whether the firearms stolen included more than just handguns.

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