Two Pennsylvania parents have been arrested on charges of endangering the welfare of a child after police responded to reports of a little girl riding in a dog cage with a small dog in the back of a pickup truck.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, mother Abbey Carlson, 29, and step father Thomas Fishinger, 30, allowed their 10-year-old daughter to ride in the back of their pickup truck in the dog cage with the dog while traveling down the Pennsylvania Turnpike because she "wanted to be with her dog". Police were notified when concerned motorists spotted the girl in the cage and reported the incident.

The parents say they did not feel the girl was in danger at the time because the cage was strapped down and they were not driving fast, however, these precautions did not stop police from arresting the parents for endangering the welfare of a child.

After the arrest and subsequent interviews with local media outlet KDKA-TV, it's not likely the parenting duo will not be allowing their daughter to ride in the cage in the back of the truck again anytime soon.

“Oh, my God yes. I would never hurt my daughter.” Fishinger said. “She will never get in the back of a truck again.”

The two parents were released and the girls is currently being looked after by her grandmother.