Lafayette Police have been in touch with deputies in Hancock County, Mississippi after a white woman's torso was found on a Gulf Coast beach Thursday night.  Hancock County investigators say the woman appears to be between the ages of 15-and 22-years-old.

Police were concerned the body part could have belonged to Mickey Shunick, who's been missing since May 19th. Corporal Kyle Soriez with Lafayette Police says it's too early to tell if the body, which has a stab wound to the chest, could be that of Mickey Shunick. Shunick family members have ruled that out, though, because the remains found had body piercings that Mickey does not have.

John Abdella, a private investigator hired by the Shunick's, says he has information on two possible suspects in Mickey's disappearance. Corporal Soriez says they have spoken with Abdella and are treating it like "any information that is coming through the tips line." Corporal Soriez says they're still getting a lot of tips in Mickey's disappearance.