The regular session is coming to a close with a special session set for Tuesday. The session was marked by partisan gridlock, but a notable piece of legislation to pass was a bill allowing riverboats to expand on land. Political Analyst Bernie Pinsonat says the chances of any further gaming legislation making headway next year is slim.

“Gambling next year will be tough to get out of the legislature. They will all be in what’s called reelection mode. Anything that’s controversial, they are going to avoid like the plague”.
The “Hail Mary” of the session, New Orleans Senator JP Morrell’s unanimous juries constitutional amendment, found surprising success and is on its way to the November ballot. The bill would require a unanimous jury verdict in criminal trials. Pinsonat says it’s success will hinge on who shows up to the ballot box in fall.

“That depends on turn out, Republicans tend to vote against it, Democrats tend to vote for it. So if the right republicans outvote democrats then it would fail”.

Wage related bills, such as equal pay for women, pay secrecy, and a minimum wage hike all failed to pass the legislature. Pinsonat says proponents will have a wait a few years before having a realistic shot at the progressive legislation.

“Most if not all die in the house, I don’t see any change in that especially next year. Maybe 2020, a new legislature if it’s more moderate or more democratic these may pass.”

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