A Mason Dixon Polling and Strategy poll finds Democratic Governor Edwards has a 55% approval rating, 31% disapprove and 14% say they are unsure. Pollster Brad Coker says the high approval rating doesn’t mean Edward will be re-elected in 2019, if his opponents are either popular Republicans Steve Scalise or John Kennedy.

“When we matched them up head-to-head, Edwards leads Kennedy by only 45, 44… which is statistically insignificant, and Edwards only leads by 3 points over Scalise, 46 to 43.”

Thoughts on Edwards could be different among voters now and later during the 19 campaign. Coker says his approval rating among Republicans may not mirror their feelings come Election Day.

“Even though about 1 in 4 republicans say they approve of the job he is doing, only about 1 in 20 say they will vote for him.”

Republican Ralph Abraham has been weighing whether or not he will make a run for the state’s highest office. Coker says poll numbers finds he would not do well in running against Governor Edwards and better be prepared for a tough fight.

“Abraham is just not well known outside of his voting district and he will have to spend a lot of time introducing himself to voters in other parts of the state.”