BATON ROUGE, La. (KPEL News) - It's one of the biggest football weeks in Baton Rouge as the LSU Tigers prepare to take on the Alabama Crimson Tide. The entire city seems to get passionate about this game, with people and businesses alike getting on board with school spirit.

One restaurant in Baton Rouge that is known for some wild messages on its sign is at it again, this time with a political yet unifying message for all of Baton Rouge to agree on.

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Zippy's Burritos, Tacos & More, a restaurant located on Perkins Road in Baton Rouge, is getting some attention for its most recent message to the public.

"Some people hate Biden or Trump," the sign reads as you drive past the restaurant. "Everyone hates Nick Saban."

Saban's departure from LSU to the NFL in 2005 is still a source of disappointment and frustration for many LSU fans, as they felt he had abandoned the university for a higher-paying job in the professional league.

This kind of disappointment is not unique to Baton Rouge and can happen when any beloved coach or player leaves a college or professional program. But LSU fans are some of the most passionate in college football.

To be fair, many LSU fans still have a level of (grudging?) respect and appreciation for Saban's accomplishments during his time at the university. Over the years, Saban has continued to have success as the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, which has led to some heated football rivalries, but that's more about the competition between the schools and less about personal animosity toward Saban.

Zippy's Best Signs

The restaurant doesn't just weigh in on football, however. They are known to keep up with a lot of pop culture. Not all that long ago, their sign blared out a message to fans of the controversial HBO show Euphoria.

But they aren't afraid to get political, either. Earlier this year, the restaurant weighed in on the student bus crisis facing the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board by sending a message to the school's superintendent.

"Hey Narcisse," the sign read, referencing school superintendent Sito Narcisse, "Our meetings end earlier and we get more done."

But for now, all eyes at Zippy's (and all across Baton Rouge) are on Tiger Stadium as the LSU Tigers prepare for a tough SEC rivalry battle.

Take a moment and relive some of the best moments of that rivalry below.

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