I'm just coming down from the exhilaration.  The Atlanta Falcons will be watching the Super Bowl, not participating!  I've always disliked the Falcons because of so many "near wins" the Saints have lost to them.  I don't like their players, coaches, or their airport.  Hartsfield airport is as frustrating as their team.  Heck I don't even like their traffic and I've only driven through on two occasions.  I guess I just don't like Atlanta.  Back to the subject at hand.  The Falcons almost made it into the Super Bowl...in the Super Dome!  I would have gone ballistic should that have happened.

I feel like the Falcons have robbed the Saints so many times I think the officials were in cahoots with them.  So many penalties, so many bad calls.  I think the NFL should do an investigation of some of the calls where the Saints lost to the Falcons.  Why not?  Any league that can penalize a team for playing a physical game of football has got to be crooked in some manner.

In the end Atlanta is out and I don't really care if the Ravens or the Patriots face San Franciso in the Super Bowl.  I am just elated that the Falcons will watching from wherever.

Next season, Payton and Brees....who dat!!!!

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