Well, it's official; it's hurricane season and with that comes various things to think about when it comes to prepping for a storm.

Many people wait until the last minute to prepare for a storm. They do that for a variety of reasons. Many families don't have extra money or time to think about things you might need to buy or prepare for before a storm.

Having written that, there are some things we all need to think about when hurricane season starts. You may not be able to physically be able to afford to buy anything, but you can at least think about the many things that are part of hurricane season. If you have never evacuated, would you know where to go and which roads to use. There are signs along the major highways, but have you give any thought to where you are going to go when a storm is coming.

If you have flood insurance do you have any idea where that policy or a copy of the policy might be. If you are the victim of flooding, it sure is handy to have a copy of your flood policy. Have you looked around your house to see if there is anything that you can clean up now and now when a storm is coming? I battle with this one quite frequently since I am not one of those people that likes to do things in the back yard other than sitting on my patio listening to the radio. I hate to have to move stuff around, but I am starting to make a mental list of the things I could do now, so I won't have to do it when a storm comes.

Attorney General Jeff Landry has some ideas about hurricane preparation that we might not think of before a storm is coming. This isn't the list of the water and canned food. This is another list, but one that aims, just the same, to help us.

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