This may come as surprise to many of you, but Louisiana is better than all other states when it comes to being pro-life.

Recently, the organization Americans United for Life named Louisiana as the #1 pro-life state in the nation. The organization is an American anti-abortion public interest law firm and advocacy group based in Washington that was founded in 1971.

Considering Louisiana's strong set of laws against abortion, this ranking should come as no surprise. Even our state's Democratic Governor, John Bel Edwards is pro-life and has championed most of the pro-life legislation passed in Louisiana over the last few years.

I'm not sure how many other Democratic governors are pro-life if any at all. Naturally, with a pro-life governor, our state generally doesn't battle between party lines when it comes to abortion-related laws. The Republicans, of course, vote their way, and the Louisiana democrats who are tied with John Bel typically vote the same way.

For that reason, it's really no surprise Louisiana is our nation's #1 pro-life state. Although, if I had to guess, I bet if we took a poll of Louisianians, most wouldn't rank Louisiana very high. That's purely my opinion, but I can say seeing this news was a surprise to me at first, and I imagine most of us had the same reaction.

In 2019, John Bel Edwards signed the controversial "Heartbeat Bill". A bill that makes nearly all abortions illegal in the state once the fetal heartbeat is detected, which could be as early as six weeks.

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