Shreveport Councilman Jerry Bowman has proposed an emergency ordinance requiring face masks in the city of Shreveport.
This measure would be stricter than the measure put in place by Governor John Bel Edwards.

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Here is what is posted on the council agenda for tomorrow's meeting:

The City Council desires to enact an emergency ordinance requiring all individuals within the City of
Shreveport to wear personal protective masks or facial coverings over the nose and mouth while inside
commercial buildings, public buildings, and places of worship.

The Bowman ordinance is aimed at protecting the health of the public. There are some notable differences with the Bowman mask ordinance.

It requires children at age 2 to wear a mask. The Governor's order requires a mask for children at age 8. The Bowman order also has the following penalties:

A violation of this Emergency Ordinance shall be a misdemeanor offense subject
to the following penalties:
a) The penalty for a first offense shall not exceed $50.00.
b) The penalty for a second offense shall not exceed $100.00.
c) The penalty for all subsequent offences shall not exceed $200.00.

But no one will be arrested or taken into custody for a violation of this ordinance. A vote on this matter could come during the Tuesday meeting.




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