Yesterday the scene in front of the Los Angeles Police Department was surreal.  Protesters gathered in support of killer of four, ex-cop Chris Dorner.  In a written manifesto, Dorner alleged corruption in the LA police department and racism as the basis for his firing from the department.  Protesters said they didn't applaud Dorner's methods but they supported his claims of corruption and brutality.

Due to the fact that they believe Dorner's claims of corruption and racism they protested and held up various signs demanding justice for Dorner.  One protester Dina Escoto explained herself:

I’m angry because the police didn’t conduct a thorough investigation – this man wouldn’t have gone on a rampage if he was wrong.

Escoto said Dorner would not have gone on this four person killing spree if an investigation had been conducted.  I wonder if she knows for a fact an investigation into police corruption was not being conducted at the time?  If an investigation had been conducted and Dorner's claims were not proved would the protesters still feel that Dorner was justified in killing four people.  If Dorner's claims were not found to be justified would the protesters feel any different?  One way or the other nothing justifies the killing of others because of a person's claims of corruption.

Another protester 30-year-old protester Michael Nam said,

How the police handled this -– they were the judge, the jury and the executioner. As an American citizen, you have the right to a trial and due process by law.”

So, Mr. Nam feels the police mishandled the outcome of the chase to apprehend Dorner?  In a perfect world, Mr. Dorner I suppose would have known he was being sought for killing four people, would have surrendered after calling police to set up a meeting with his lawyer and would have surrendered peacefully.  This is not a perfect world and people snap.  When they snap they become irrational and sometimes the outcome is not pleasant.  I wonder if family members of the protestors had been held hostage by Dorner if they would be willing to wait for that perfect outcome.