The Associated Press is reporting that if you have plans to travel to Europe this summer, you will probably have to put those plans on hold for a while longer.

Europe is planning to reopen its borders next week after having closed them to limit the spread of the coronavirus. But with the planned reopening, experts are recommending that some 30 countries NOT allow in visitors from countries whose infection rate is greater than that of the European Union.

The United States has the highest number of coronavirus infections and the highest death rate associated with those infections, so the US will probably be left off of the list of welcome visitors. To date, the United States has seen over 121,000 COVID-19 - related deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The decision to not allow in Americans, according to the AP, is not a political one. The question was raised because on March 11, President Trump banned the admission of anyone from that area of the European Union for the same reason: to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

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