If I had been born in another time perhaps, I would have been an adventurer. You know, someone who traveled the globe just to see what’s out there. In my current incarnation, I have been blessed with a multitude of opportunities to explore our amazing planet.  

My wife and I have seen Machu Picchu, a glow worm cave in New Zealand, the sun setting off the beaches of Moreau, and the sun not setting at midnight in northern Russia. Yet, I’ve never been to Holly Beach, Toledo Bend, or Ruston (sober). So, you see, there are a lot of great places, and Ruston, that I have never been to. 

But thanks to modern technology I can at least do a lookie-loo from the comfort of my own couch. YouTube has an amazing collection of live webcam choices and channels. They range from what many would consider the mundane to what a lot would call the incredible. What they always are is interesting.  

I have found myself literally watching for hours as salmon try to swim upstream in Alaska and avoid the bears. I have been mesmerized by ins and outs of the ocean currents as they kiss a Caribbean beach. I’ve watched idiots jump off cliffs into the oceans and I have seen a massive supercell thunderstorm explode over the plains of North Dakota.  

Our world is an amazing place. In this pandemic year of 2020, our ability to go out and touch it has been reduced. So, we do what our DNA tells us to do, we improvise, adapt, and then overcome. So, until I can get new ink on my passport, here are some places you can “visit” right now.  

Oh, don’t forget to check your time zones. Maybe that’s what all you can see on some of the cameras is darkness.  

10 Live Webcams That Offer a Unique Look at Our World

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